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Build Your Own DIY Wine Rack

DIY wine racks are easy to make, it is not only cheap but also add a unique touch to your home. The inexpensive wine rack that you could buy from departmental store wouldn’t have this unique look of a DIY wine rack that you make one by yourself. Spending money on wine rack from the market, it would be nice to spend it on sourcing the materials to make a wine rack at home.

If you have a few bottles of wine and you are finding it difficult to store these bottles on a safe place, the best way to do this is to build a wine rack by yourself. It’s a great way to save money and will provide a custom solution to your storage issues. Based on your needs there are various designs and choices you have that will provide a good storage rack plan.

DIY Wine Rack

Benefits of DIY Wine Rack:

Building your own rack might be a difficult task but there are many reasons to consider a DIY wine rack option.

a)    Money is a big issue for everyone a DIY Wine Rack solution is far cheaper than the purchased one. It doesn’t matter what kind of wine rack you are choosing it will always be cheaper and at the same time classy.

b)    You can customize your wine rack design to fir in your home perfectly. You will make it with perfect size that will match the décor of your home.

c)    If your collection grows you can easily add further storage capacity to your cellar. A homemade wine rack will allow additional storage space and easy modification method.

Different Types of DIY Wine Racks:

There are a lot of ways you can go about while building your own wine rack. If you have tabular stuff, such as wide cardboard mailing tubes or PVC pipe are really excellent. One can also use salvage wood like pallet etc. Even metal pipes and aluminum cans can also be transformed into a wine rack.

A diamond pattern shaped inside a shelf or cupboard is one of the easiest DIY wine racks it is perfect for holding bottles in place and also easy to implement. It is an open-backed cupboard you can add crossed diagonal slats to the front and back and make the diamonds big enough to hold several bottles or just one bottle per hole.

One can also make square cubbies which is secure and safe place for individual bottles. Though it is labor intensive to create but it will look nice.

Last but not the least adding small slats to flat shelf space for bottle storage is also a good option. These slats have to be one inch high to prevent the bottles from rolling out. This rack is easy to implement and one can also modify the existing shelves into this.

When you are learning on how to build DIY wine rack one has to be sure to follow directions well. If you are not handy it is not a bad idea to get some help from an experienced person. One can also find a way to build your own rack by checking online images that can also give you an idea.